PVC Soft Hose

PVC soft hoses are special hollow tubes designed to carry fluids like water and air from one location to another. The LIH KUANG soft hose made from plastic offers a substantial advantage over other hoses made from stainless steel, rubber, etc.

PVC soft hoses are flexible, light in weight, resistant to most chemicals and corrosion, and are abrasion resistant. They also offer an incredibly smooth flow due to reduced friction, thereby increasing the flow volume and saving the electric energy of equipment.

Our PVC soft hoses find a wide range of uses such as ventilation and air-conditioning systems, irrigation systems in agriculture, and advanced fire-sprinklers.

They are popularly used in sewage treatment and transporting safe drinking water as they are highly inert and free from biofilm contamination. Beverage industries use these tubes to transport liquids, and they supply air and gas in production warehouses.

The Lih Kuang PVC soft hose is ideal for applications that require ventilation and flexibility. They are durable, safe, and recyclable, so you can run your business operations without worries. They are available at low costs and are easy to install, operate, maintain, and dismantle. Due to this, you save an incredible amount of time and money.

PVC Soft Hose
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