Air Hose, Air Tubes

What are air tubes? Air tubes come into play during production processes - think the food and medical industry, and also construction and the development of home products. Air tubes allow gases, fluids, and solids in a vacuum to travel where they need to go during the production process. Air tubes are made of plastic, like all the extrusion products we are going over today, and are thus fantastic thermal insulators and incredibly tough, while also being resistant to bending, breaking, and more.

The LIH KUANG air tube is used in the food industry during the production of ice cream and cheese, in the pharmaceutical industry to produce detergents and solvents, and in home products like shampoo and conditioner. Designed to allow substances to easily travel through it, this extrusion product is one with a long pedigree that shows just how reliable it is.

Products List
polyethylene hose, polyethylene tubing, polyethylene pipe, polyethylene plastic tubing
tygon hose, tygon tubing
braid reinforced hose, reinforced hose
nylon air hose, nylon air tubing, nylon hose
Irregular Extrusion
clear acrylic tube, clear plastic tube
PE/ PP Non-toxic Straws
led lamp shades, pc lampshade, acrylic lamp shade, plastic lamp shade
PU Air Hose and Quick Coupling
pu coil tube, coiled air hose, curly hose, pu coil hose
plastic rod, clear plastic rod, rod plastic