Air Hose, Air Tubes

Air or pneumatic tubes offer various industries a fast, simple, secure, and reliable way to transport objects across large distances, whether in the same building or across different buildings on the same site.

By using compressed air or vacuum, these tubes carry small solid items through a network of air tubes. The system of pneumatic tubes also offers a soft, air-cushioned ride for fragile items.

The Lih Kuang air tubes are made from plastic which offers the required thermal insulation, strength, and flexibility to transport several items efficiently. Our air pipes find use in various industries such as the food industry for production, hospitals, and pharmaceutical labs to transport samples, in retail stores and banks to transport money, for waste disposal, and much more.

Our air tubes remove the need for people to carry things, which substantially saves time and money. They also provide secure connections between the sending and the receiving location, reduce chances of theft, and minimize damage during transit.

No matter what type of material you wish to transport, our air tubes are designed to give your business an uncomplicated, fast, and cost-effective system to speed up your production process and reduce the staff and money needed for production.

Air Tubes
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PU Air Hose and Quick Coupling
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