Plastic Tubing Applied in Electrical Wire Puller Tool

Electrical wire's insulation is also called the fish tape or wire puller is made through extrusion. This involves pulling wire through the wall, around which the insulation is extruded.
When carrying out indoor wiring decoration, most people choose to conceal the project, the so-called concealed project means that the electricity buried into the wall by way of slotting. This operation can ensure that the wire is not damaged, but also to extend the life of the wire. However, to do buried wire through the pipe decoration, will cause the problem of the wire is not easy to wear.
The professional threader today is made of steel wire covered with plastic material, it is better hardness, smooth inside and outside, penetration is also very strong. This allows the threading process will not occur in the case of jamming, in the threader of the wire feed head there is a pulley design, which allows the speed of threading, but also will not dead line.
How to use the professional threader: First, thread the end with the pulley into the wire tube. Then, push the wire hard into the tube. Finally, when the wire reaches the other end, the wire can be fixed. The operation is much easier isn’t it?
The outer plastic extrusion layer and the inner wire tool both are manufactured by LIH KUANG, therefore our quotation will be more competitive.

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