Plastic Tubing Applied in Electrical Wire Puller Tool

We manufacture an electric wire's insulation (fish tape or wire puller) through extrusion. Since extrusion involves melting plastic at high temperatures, only thermoplastics can withstand the process. Most thermoplastics have incredible electrical insulation and thermal stability, making them ideal for extruded wire and cable insulation and jacketing.

The insulation process involves pulling the wire through the die, around which the insulation gets extruded. The wire used should have strong electrical insulation, suppleness and be resistant to abrasion. Non-electrical cables can also be coated by plastic extrusion to enable smooth handling and make them corrosion and wear resistant.

Wire pullers find application in various construction and electrical projects to draw wire through narrow spaces and reach distances too arduous to access. Wire pullers ensure the wire/cables remain undamaged and also extend the longevity of the wire.

Modern pullers contain steel wires covered with plastic material, which offers better hardness, a smooth surface inside and outside, with improved penetration. It also ensures a smooth threading process through a pulley design in the wire feed head.

Our electrical wire puller tool should be your go-to choice if you wish to carry out an indoor wiring project efficiently. Lih Kuang manufactures the outer plastic extrusion layer and the inner wire tool, offering a competitive quotation.

Electrical Wire Puller Tool
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