Plastic Tubing For Road Work Safety Equipment

Lih Kuang also does producing essential road safety equipment for preventing you from any potential hazards.Did you know plastic tubing can be interesting and engaging? We did not either until we started the extrusion process ourselves! You won't believe how much you can do with plastic after you have a look with our products. And, if you are considering extrusion you should understand the profile extrusion process. The tube extrusion process is one of the simplest ways to customize plastic tubing. The extrusion process helps create tubing with specific characteristics based on your needs. The versatility of polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC make it brilliant for most applications.
We are an expert extrusion plastic profiles manufacturer, contact us today and ask about customizing tubes!

Products List
custom traffic cones, custom safety cones
High Handei Wire Shelter Pipe
PVC Flat Sectional Soft Tube Warning Lamp
traffic cone bar, cone bar, traffic cone barrier bar
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