Plastic Tubing For Road Work Safety Equipment

We know plastic tubing for manufacturing road work safety equipment requires special consideration and at Lih Kuang, we aim at creating the best road work safety equipment to avoid dangerous accidents. You might not be aware but, plastic tubing helps in multiple ways in road safety work. Working with plastic tubing is quite engaging and intriguing.

One of the easiest ways of plastic tubing is the tube extrusion process. It is the process of creating objects by pushing the material through a die of the desired cross-section. The flexibility of polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC make it splendid for most applications. Moreover, plastic tubing helps in creating objects based on your desired features.

We are a specialist expulsion plastic profiles producer and, our experts are available to help you with the information you need for customizing tubes. All we need is for you to notify us of your requirements and get your products made by our expert team.

Product List

Below are few products that help in the road safety work and are created through plastic tubing:

  • Traffic Cone and Cone Bar Toy
  • High Handle Wire Shelter Pipe / Power Line Guards / High Voltage Line Cover
  • PVC Flat Sectional Soft Tube Warning Lamp
  • Cone Bar
  • Traffic Cone
  • Two-Section Traffic Wand
Road Work Safety Equipment
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High Voltage Line Cover, Power Line Guards, Power Line Protection Covers
PVC Flat Sectional Soft Tube Warning Lamp
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