Plastic Tubing Applied in Hardware Tools

Plastic extrusion is generally applied in different ventures and broadly promoted all through the world. Plastic tubing is known for its adaptability and flexibility. Its highly durable nature helps to create products that can withstand any condition or materials.

Being lightweight, it is part of various products such as cutting tools and metal tools. The use of incorrect materials can reduce its effectiveness and result in damage. Hardware tools are easier to clean when made through plastic tubing.

Plastic tubing helped us in inventing our new product, a PU-Foam Utensil. This product is patented under Lih Kuang and is specially designed for professional workers. Its injection volume is controllable, and the product is adaptive to all existing brands.

Product List

Here are few examples of high-quality hardware tools made through plastic extrusion:

  • Tool Box
  • Drill Vacuum
  • Filler
  • PU Foam Filler Utensil
  • PU-Foam Utensil
  • Washing Machine Drainage Hose/ Inlet Hose
  • LED Lampshade and Aluminium Accessories Collaboration
Hardware Tools
LED Lampshade and Aluminium Accessories Collaboration
Drill Vacuum
Fill mud pump , mud filling
PU Foam Filler Utensil
washer drain hose, washer inlet hose, washing machine drain pipe, washing machine inlet pipe, washing machine inlet hose, washing machine drain hose, washing machine hose, washing machine pipe, washing machine outlet pipe
PU-Foam Utensil