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Lih Kuang Plastic Industrial Limited has founded for more than 30 years. We manufacture a great variety of plastic extrusions, which can be classified into 3 categories:

Classified based on usage and application

  • Power Distribution Engineering: High-voltage circuit protection tube, high voltage cable assemblies, fish tape, etc.
  • Construction Engineering: Pipeline distribution, tile trimmers, cement caulking gun, PU spatulas…etc.
  • Home Product/decorations: straws, washing machine hoses, acrylic decorative profile, etc.
  • Road Construction: traffic cones, cone bars, roadblock, traffic safety products, etc.
  • Machinery Piping: PU air hoses, PTFE Heat resistant tubing, beverage hoses, etc.
  • Electronic Industry: tubing of various materials, reinforced plastic components, etc.
  • Food and Medical: FDA grade clear hoses, Tygon grade Tube, etc.
  • Water Resources Industry: pipeline distribution, RO core tube, tube for direct piping water dispenser, etc.

Classified based on texture and components

  • Hardness of the plastic can be adjusted by application of different additives.
  • The materials for our regular and industrial plastic extrusions includes PE, PU, PVC, PS, ABS, TPR, TPE Nylon, FRP (Fiber Reinforced plastic), fiberglass, acrylic, PP, PPS, PPE, PPO, PC, PS, PETG, PET, ABS, PTFE, Tygon grade, etc. We provide custom service.

Classified based on processing method

Screw Extrusion(single screw & twin screw)
  • Hard tube or Hard profiles: extruding -cooling -cut in length.
  • Soft Tube or soft profiles: extruding -cooling -cut in length or coiling.
  • Flexible tube: extruding -twining -cooling -cut in length or coiling.
  • Coating Extrusion: extruding -coating -cooling -cut in length or coiling.
  • Duct hose: extruding -vacuum cooling -cooling -cut in length or Coiling.
Ram Extrusion or Pasta Extrusion
  • We are able to produce heat-resistant plastic, including PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE.
  • Production Process: Performing -extruding -cooling -cut in length or coiling.