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Lih Kuang Plastic Industry Co. Ltd. possesses unique qualities and abilities that make it stand out from the sea of manufacturing units. We go the extra mile to make sure that you receive the best quality products and services. We use the most advanced machines and technology to ensure the quality and standard of our products.

Our latest CNC machine creates the perfect notches, chamfers, and slots to guarantee that the manufactured part fits perfectly in your machinery. We drill holes and add necessary countersinks in the parts so that you can start using them without any delay. Our punch presses will leave you stunned with perfectly punched holes of various sizes.

We use machinery suitable to the material to bring out the best results. We strive to ensure that you can directly install it with the respective components once you receive the product without any extra effort.

We have our set of designs for plastic tubings, but if you do not find them suitable for your purpose, you can provide us with your design, and we will custom fabricate the tubes and pipes as per your design and needs. If required, we can also make changes to one of our designs to meet your product requirements.

Lih Kuang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. can provide you with a wide range of plastic tubing products and services. We provide our services with the guarantee of the utmost quality and durability under all types of conditions, like unfavourable pressure and pH rates. Our products do not corrode or are prone to damage easily, thanks to the top-notch materials used.

Our services, experience, and expertise have resulted in hundreds of happy and satisfied clients. With our skilled and well-trained staff with the accuracy of our work and the latest machinery and technology, we will provide you with the best products in the whole market.

Coloring and granulating

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Step 2

Vacuum cooling

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Step 4


Step 5

At Lih Kuang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., our highest priority is to provide final products with the best quality and ensure that our clients are satisfied. Lih Kuang Plastic Industry Co. Ltd. is known for its high-quality products and plastic tubings. Our name has been amongst the top plastic tube manufacturers for years, and we strive to maintain our position and quality.

We are always striving to enhance and improve the quality of our final products to meet the standards and needs of our clients. To ensure the best quality of our services, we strictly follow a six-step procedure on a daily basis. We keep ourselves focused on the quality of the material as well as the final product to ensure there are no defects in it.

The six-step procedure helps us in keeping the quality of the final products at the top level. Each step has its own set of machines that check the quality of raw materials and also the product.

Once we are satisfied with the quality and durability of the final product, we submit it to our clients. Our trained staff with the latest machinery and technology helps us maintain our products’ quality, durability, and standard.

Step 1
Management of die & mould

Molds and die determine the shape and size of the final products. If the molds or the die have any faults, the final product will surely have faults in it. We run thorough checks on the molds and die before using them and carry out regular inspections to maintain their quality.

Step 2
100% Quality Control

After checking our molds and die, we thoroughly check all the raw materials and tools our clients gave us to ensure their quality and durability are up to the mark. Once we are sure that these materials and fixtures are suitable for the final products, we begin using them with care.

Step 3
Roundness Testing

A pipe with the wrong roundness is useless. We closely check the roundness of the pipe and go through the roundness testing with great care. If the pipe is not perfectly round, it will severely affect the quality and durability of the final product.

Step 4
Accuracy Length Testing

We use the latest model of Keyence's optical measurement instruments to ensure the perfect size of the pipes and tubes. We also use the vernier scale to minimize all types of size differences, ensuring the client gets the perfect product.

Step 5
ID inspection

We do not end our quality testing in a few steps. We take care of the diameters of the inner and outer rings of the plastic tubes to ensure it is a perfect size. We continue testing the quality and durability of our products through regular tests and examinations for the highest quality.

Step 6
Surface roughness testing

Surface roughness is a parameter of the quality of the final product. We customize the surface texture of the pipes according to the needs of the clients. When we reach the end of the production process, we check the surface’s roughness to match the client’s requirements.