OEM / ODM Extruted Products

Plastic Extrusion Process and Technology
We excel at both OEM and ODM customization. With our extensive experience in this field and extremely skilled staff, we aim to deliver high-quality products and services that satisfy your product needs. You only have to convey your product requirements, and our team will guide you through the process.


At Lih Kuang, we strive to ensure that all your queries are resolved, and your product requirements are met while providing the best quality products at a reasonable price. We are growing and developing along with plastic extrusion technology. We utilize new materials and modelling techniques to address the client's issues and meet their requirements. Our unique molds and effective creation cycle saves your time and, you leave with an assurance of receiving high-quality products from us.

Benefits of Working with Our Team:

  • Quality Service: Lih Kuang's experts work together to plan and design custom thermoplastic extrusion items and make sure the product created is as per your requirements.
  • Additional services: Apart from providing engineering services, our team is well-trained in shaping and color matching.
  • Hassle-free Interaction: You only have to send us your designs or samples. Our expert team will inspect it and provide you with an evaluation while guiding you through the entire process.

Innovate with Us by Creating Your Products

We at our in-house machinery department create parts by utilizing specially designed gigs and installations. You only have to help us with the product features and components assembling. And, delivering the product to you is our responsibility.

One of the benefits you receive from us is that we have a well-trained team to help you in the installation process, so you don't have to worry about setting and assembling the parts.

Our experts also assist you in injection molding, building, and assembling your product's components to provide you with excellent quality and finished products.

Our Production Process

  • Sample Collection: Our first step includes requirement gathering. Sample collection and creating designs of the parts are the main tasks in this phase.
  • Quotation: After the sampling phase comes the quotation step. Here the estimated cost is provided to the client.
  • Open Die: Once the quotation is confirmed, we move to the open die phase. The open die is a forging process where a piece of metal is deformed into multiple dies. It involves the shaping of metal by hammering or pressing the product.
  • Manufacturing of Plastic Particles: The material used while making the product is in production at this stage.
  • Colour Matching: The team goes through a range of colours and finds the desired colour of the plastic product or part.
  • Extrusion: Then comes the essential step, extrusion. The metal is reduced by pushing it through a die. You can create cylindrical bars or hollow tubes using the extrusion process.
  • Cut-In-Length: The desired length of the product is determined and is then cut accordingly.
  • Packaging: Once the product is ready, it is packed and ready to ship.
  • Shipment: The delivery process is initiated, and the product is delivered to the customer at the provided location.

We know it's tough to track down the ideal model to accommodate your requirements. You may have a particular choice or connector that is hard to find? But we have a skilled team who can work with the majority of the plastic production materials and offer you a high-quality service.
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