Standard Plastic Extrusion Products

Irregular Plastic Tubes,PE Tube,PP Tube, ABS Tube
Irregular Tubes

At Lih Kuang Plastic Industry , we offer effective plastic products that can help you drive your business operations.
Plastic can get extruded in different shapes like circles , squares , and rectangles. Therefore , we manufacture customized products and extrude plastic into various irregular shapes to fulfil your preferences.

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Plastic Extrusion Tubes, PVC Tubes
Plastic Tube

Hollow plastic tubes go through a stable state for plastic extrusion and convert a thermoplastic raw material into a finished product. Here, a homogeneous molten mass is made by melting plastic pellets or powder. This mass is then forced through an extrusion die orifice under pressure.
This process helps in defining the shape of the tubes.
It is suitable for horizontal as well as vertical applications and provides excellent airflow.

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Air Tubes
Air Tubes

Also known as pneumatic tubes. A pneumatic tube system is used for transporting physical objects. And a cylindrical container is pushed through a complex network of tubes by air or vacuum. Numerous hospitals use this system to transport test tubes, tissue jars, medicines, and blood samples. A large number of banks and financial institutions use the same for the purchase and withdrawal of cash and valuable papers.

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PVC Soft Hose, plastic hose
PVC Soft Hose

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has replaced rubber in lots of applications. It is a thermoplastic polymer that is produced by polymerizing vinyl chloride. It has rightfully taken over rubber’s empire because it's a lot lighter, less expensive, and contains less petroleum than most polymers.
PVC hose has been successful in receiving FDA and USDA approval as the designated means to transfer fluids used in the pharmaceutical as well as biotech industries.

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