Custom Profile Extrusions Products

Custom Profile Extrusions

Whether it's customized plastic tubing or a complex custom profile, LIH KUANG will listen to your point and develop a solution that is cost effective and exact to your specifications. Our unique ability is to using our screw extruder in our continued experimentation, and using development of new materials and methods to extruding custom requisition. Also, our exclusive tool and die division will save you time and headache.

Create your own products

The LIH KUANG has its own in-house machine department where we can form parts by using custom made jigs and fixtures. If you provide us the mating parts we can combine and fasten them and ship the product to you pre-installed. We can bend that you desire or provide guide rails with the correct radius so they are installation ready when delivered. Let us know if you have a special fabrication requirement and we will work with you to build and design the tooling or machinery that are able to offer you exactly what you are looking for. We also can work with you the injection parts or components to assemble and complete your finished products which label your mark and brand that you will be satisfied.

End-to-end service

The LIH KUANG’s staff and engineers will professionally work closely together to design and produce your custom thermoplastic extrusion. In addition to engineering assistance, we provide custom profiles and color matching.
E-mail us a drawing, mail us a sample, or let us visit you for a consultative evaluation to determine your specifications. With a wide range of materials and more than 30 years of screw extrusion experience, we will go to work creating a custom extrusion that is right for you.

The following items are some examples of our successful custom products.

Products List
childrens swing set, swing set plastic, kids swing sets
indoor slide for kids, childrens slide, kids slide, kids play slide
Dental Scaling Equipment
LED Lampshade and Aluminium Accessories Collaboration
Rod Products Applications
Drill Vacuum
Custom Profile Extrusion
Rod Products Applications