Irregular Tubes

At Lih Kuang, we extrude plastic to create these tubes through an extensive manufacturing process of melting untainted plastic materials and form a continuous profile that caters to various industrial needs.

Although extrusion is quite complex, we specialize in producing completely innovative products that you can use in everyday life. Among the many plastic products we manufacture, our irregular tubes meet the requirements that many traditional plastic pipes cannot meet.

As the name suggests, irregular tubes have cross-sectional shapes other than round pipes. These pipes have a larger moment of inertia and section modulus, and some even offer better flexibility and torsion resistance. We engineer and design plastic tubes to fit specific applications and configure them for various conditions.

Our tubes find applications in various industries that range from sanitary pipes used in operating rooms and labs to drainage tubes used in sewage and waste removal.

For example, our corrugated plastic pipes get used in corrosive environments and labs for chemical processing and transfer of high purity fluids and solvents. These tubes are highly flexible, and you can extend or compress them without affecting the internal diameter. We manufacture them in various lengths and with different inner diameters.

Another popular irregular tube is square-shaped, which has the same functionality as a cylindrical tube. It has limited uses but is often used to produce furniture due to its strength. We also make a range of plastic fittings and connectors like Tee, Reduced Tee, Elbow 90 degrees, Couplings, etc.

At Lih Kuang Plastic Industry Co. Ltd., we offer effective plastic products that can help you drive your business operations. Therefore, we manufacture customized products and extrude plastic into various shapes to fulfil your preferences.

Irregular Tubes
Irregular Extrusion
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